Podcast 75: Jeffrey Abugel

Jeffrey Abugel is a native of New York who now calls Petersburg home. He talks with Colin about growing up in NYC, living in California and writing about surf music, and suffering long winters in Iowa before landing in Virginia. He is an authority on depersonalization disorder, a prevalent but not well-known affliction that has historical roots in existentialist philosophy but has only recently entered the lexicon of mental health. Plus, Jeff discusses his work on Edgar Allan Poe, a new novel, and playing cards with Al Pacino.
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Podcast 74: The Amerikan Rambler Christmas Extravaganza!


Colin runs down his December, which included an accidental attendance at a Confederate Pride Christmas Parade in Mechanicsville and a welcome night at a concert given by by Drive-By Truckers front man Patterson Hood. Also, to start the show, Larry and David and Marlon Brando stop in for a spirited reading of The Night Before Christmas. It’s Christmas! You’ll laugh and cry (over your credit card bills)! Throw another yule log on the fire and snuggle in with some free online content!

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Podcast 73: Erin Devlin


Erin Devlin is a professor of History and American Studies at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. She has written a book Remember Little Rock (University of Massachusetts Press, 2017), about racial integration in Arkansas’s capital from the 1950s onward. As she discusses with Colin, the story of Little Rock integration was one of progress and setbacks, and it’s a story that resonates not just throughout the South, but in the North as well. It is also a story important to today’s politics and battles over public education.

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Podcast 72: Bun, Hawk, and the RVA!

LOUIE: Louis C.K. stars in LOUIE on FX.

In their first episode in Richmond, Bun and Hawk take on the usual topics: film, politics, sexual deviancy (with focus on Louis CK), Mother Teresa, and Harriet Tubman. Why can’t Bun keep the Jewish Community Center and the Byrd Theatre straight? Why does Hawk think that “no one is clean?” It’s another R-rated foray into the world of pop culture and current events!

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Podcast 69: Politics. Some Great Alt-Country Albums

Colin discusses the recent political campaigns in Virginia, the cold weather, and some of his favorite alt-country albums. Wilco! Drive-by Truckers! Bobby Bare, Jr.! We’re sure they were very happy to make the list.
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Podcast 71: Thanksgiving


Colin survived Thanksgiving. And on this episode, he talks about his run up and down I-95 with the family, describes the glories of the fire pit, sees some dinosaurs, and offers a brief Tony Soprano impersonation. Will he keep the tree up until MLK day? Listen and find out!



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Podcast 70: Bill Martin

Bill Martin is the Director of the Valentine Museum in downtown Richmond. A Virginia native with stops in Georgia and Florida, he has lived in RVA for over twenty years and seen big changes in the city’s landscape, demographics, and attitudes. Bill has dedicated himself to telling RVA’s rich and often controversial story. Along the way, he corrects some common misconceptions about the capital and its history. Tatted hipsters! Craft beer! I-95! Bill and Colin discuss it all.
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