Podcast 54: Charles Bukowski


Recovering from a move to Richmond, Colin does another solo podcast, this time on Henry Charles Bukowski, the notorious Los Angeles skid row writer and poet. Colin talks about an ironic Bukowski-related Boston trip, getting to know “Hank” as a grad student, and the similarities between L.A. and Baton Rouge. Colin also reads passages from Post Office, Women, and Notes of a Dirty Old Man. Colin concludes that as far as Bukowski goes, you come for the debauchery but you stay for the social commentary. It’s another R-rated episode!

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Podcast 53: Jean Violet of Kashmir


Jean Violet, the lead singer of the band Kashmir, has been performing Led Zeppelin songs for a long time. In his talk with Colin, Jean talks about where he’s from, how the band got started, and what his nephew’s band Deviate the Plan has been up to. In the intro, Colin discusses his recent move to Richmond, a poignant Drive-By Truckers song, and how big an influence Led Zeppelin has been in his life.

Outro music: “It’s a Fine Line,” by Country Kitchen.

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Podcast 52: Bun, Hawk, and a Farewell to the CB!


In their last porch talk (for a while anyway), Colin and Sydney (aka Bun and Hawk) recap their unusual experiences in Colonial Beach, Virginia. With a move to Richmond coming up, the two take time to talk about a foul-mouthed stalker, Basquiat paintings, and the moxie needed to start a restaurant. It’s the most profanity-laden episode yet!

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Podcast 51: Washington, D.C.

May 2017 030

Does Colin love D.C.? He’s not sure. But earlier this month, he had a good weekend in the nation’s capital, where he visited the White House, saw a show, and got close to the Pentagon. They say you shouldn’t meet your heroes, but Colin did: comic and podcast guru Marc Maron, who was playing at the Warner Theatre. You’ll also hear about graffiti art, a Russian lifeguard, and Colin almost getting killed by an umbrella. It’s Amerikan Rambler’s super terrific happy D.C. adventure!

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Podcast: Kathryn Shively Meier

natures civil warKS_Meier_authorsmaller

Kathryn Shively Meier is a professor of the Civil War and military history at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She and Colin talk about how a California native with a background in poetry and opera became interested in the Civil War. They also discuss grad school, her prize-winning book Nature’s Civil War, and their mutual admiration for historians Charles Royster and Gary Gallagher.

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Podcast 49: David Cox

REL book religion

David Cox is a UVA graduate, doctor of theology, and the author of The Religious Life of Robert E. Lee. He and Colin talk in Lexington (where Lee is buried) about the general’s religious beliefs and how he tried to live the life of a good Episcopalian. In the intro, Colin discusses how the late author James Dickey (who wrote Deliverance) seems to be following him around.



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Podcast 48: Dr. Mehdi Aminrazavi

wine of wisdom

Mehdi Aminrazavi is Professor of Philosophy and Religion and Co-Director of the Leidecker Center for Asian Studies at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg. A native of Iran, he received his education in the United States and has lived and taught in Virginia for decades. He and Colin talk about Islam: how it developed, its central beliefs and practices, and how it has evolved since the time of Mohammad.

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