Podcast 60: The Battle of Charlottesville. Remembering Chad Vanderford.


Recorded the day after the deadly rally, Colin talks about the battle over the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia, and what it might mean for the debate over Confederate monuments in Richmond. Also, Colin remembers Dr. Chad Vanderford, a friend from Louisiana State University and scholar of early America, who died suddenly last week.

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Podcast 29 (repost): Museum Talk with Karen Louvar


Karen Louvar works at Stratford Hall, but she is a proud native of Huntington, West Virginia, who came to the Northern Neck via Kentucky and Arkansas. Although Karen never worked in a coal mine or played in a bluegrass band, she and Colin talk about her southern upbringing, why she became interested in history, and their shared memories of Little Rock.

Note: this podcast originally aired 2016 November 1.

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Podcast 59: My Vinyl Collection


Part one of Colin’s tour through his vinyl collection gives him the opportunity to discuss his eclectic taste in music. It also gives him to do “both halves” of his Ginger Baker impersonation. Plus, Jack Davis draws a Johnny Cash cover! Colin defends prog and shows he knows next to nothing about Delaney and Bonnie! It’s another solo podcast with Amerikan Rambler!

Listen to the podcast here:  http://amerikanrambler.libsyn.com/episode-59-my-vinyl-collection-a-g




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Podcast 58: Allen Gulezo


Allen Guelzo is a three time winner of the prestigious Lincoln Prize and a professor of the Civil War era at Gettysburg College. But as he tells Colin, he began as a scholar of colonial religion and philosophy. In their talk, they discuss religion, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert E. Lee (about whom Dr. Guelzo is writing a much anticipated biography). Colin also asks about Dr. Guelzo’s appearance on The Daily Show during the 2008 presidential campaign.

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Podcast 57: John J. Hennessy


John J. Hennessy is an author and historian who has dedicated his career to the National Park Service. He is now chief historian at the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park. He sat down with Colin for a talk at Chatham, a colonial mansion that overlooks the historic city of Fredericksburg. John discusses how he got involved in the NPS, his books on the battles of First and Second Bull Run, and how historians navigate the sometimes choppy political waters surrounding history.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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Podcast 56: North Carolina



After a 4th of July visit to North Carolina, Colin discusses being a “beach guy,” a visit to a record store in Wilmington, and the logic behind people who fly both Confederate and United States flags. He concludes with a meditation of the meaning of patriotism in American politics today. You can listen to the podcast here.

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Podcast 55: Dr. Michael Caires

san fran

A California native, Mike Caires got his Ph.D. in history at the University of Virginia, where he studied under Gary Gallagher. For the past year, he worked at the American Civil War Museum in downtown Richmond. Mike has a book coming out next year on the economics of the Civil War. He and Colin discuss everything from ska music to the class divide in America, the continued importance of the Four Freedoms, and the perils and pleasures of grad school.

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