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“Honestly, I think history is boring”: A Guest Post

Today, my fiancee sent me en email containing a movie review written by the cousin of one of her coworkers. Apparently, the guys is a film buff, who writes reviews all the time and sends them as emails to people. … Continue reading

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George Carlin and Religious Wars

By Colin Woodward The other night, I was watching George Carlin on TV. During a montage of Carlin bits, the late comedian made a remark about how more men have died in the name of God (i.e., religious wars) than … Continue reading

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“Hard War and the ‘Hand of God’: Massachusetts Abolitionists and the Burning of Darien, Georgia, in 1863”

By Colin Woodward Here’s a PDF version of the paper on the burning of Darien I presented at the Dublin Conference at Historic Deerfield in June. Any comments would be welcome. Bear in mind, though, if I ever get the … Continue reading

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The Terrors and Pleasures of the Job Search

I wish I’ve been blogging more, but I have a good reason: I’m hunting for jobs. Spalding Gray (RIP) once did a monologue called Terrors of Pleasure about him buying a house in upstate New York. When asked by a … Continue reading

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