Podcast 28: Ira Berlin


Ira Berlin has been called “one of the greatest living historians of slavery in the United States.” His works include Slaves without Masters, Many Thousands Gone (which won the Bancroft Prize), and more recently, The Long Emancipation. He has taught at the University of Maryland for a half century and got his degree at the University of Wisconsin. But he was raised in the Bronx. Here, Dr. Berlin talks about his first plane ride, activism in the 1960s, and why he chose to exchange a lab coat for the historian’s garb. Also, Ira and Colin share their thoughts about the 2016 election.

About amerikanrambler

Amerikan Rambler is a Virginia-based blog and podcast hosted by Colin Woodward. Colin is a historian, author, and amateur musician, who works in the archives full-time. Author of Marching Masters: Slavery, Race, and the Confederate Army during the Civil War, he is now writing a book on the historical, family, and musical roots of Johnny Cash.
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